About Us

Practical Pools provides a variety of pool and spa maintenance services to our customers. We offer full service and chemical only service plans at a practical price. Practical Pools was incorporated in 2006 and has many long standing happy customers. Practical Pools is owned by Craig Rittmeyer who on his own has over 15 years of experience servicing pools.

We know the importance and safety of having a clean pool and work hard with years of experience in the pool service industry to ensure our customers satisfaction.

Practical Pools service technicians take away the burden of testing chemicals, netting and vacuuming debris, and maintaining your equipment to ensure you can enjoy your pool in Florida year round.

More Information

Due to our flexible scheduling we can quickly integrate your pool into one of our existing routes within a weeks time.

Let us deal with the hassle of properly maintaining your pools chemicals and keeping your pool water crystal clear, so you can spend your time enjoying it!

Regardless of your pool care needs we have the ability to accommodate your pool or spa. Please check out our pricing section for more information.