Balancing Pool Water Chemicals

If your pool water chemistry isn't monitored each week to adjust the various chemical levels, it could mean the difference of having a nice clean pool, or having a green pool filled with algae.

We monitor chlorine, ph, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid levels to ensure that your pools water levels are safe and clean to swim in. These levels can vary weekly which is why it's important for us to test the chemical levels on a regular basis.

Various environmental factors such as wind and rain can affect these chemical levels. Too much rain can raise the ph level in the pool, as well as throw chlorine levels off.

If there are pine trees or other trees that overhang your pool it may succumb to brown or green algae more easily. When we find a pool with algae we'll have to treat the algae and shock the pool to ensure we kill all of it.

We service all pools regardless of the chlorination systems controlling them. For salt pools we'll add salt to your pool to ensure proper salt levels for correct chlorination.

The chemicals we use to treat your pool range from chlorine, muriatic acid, cyanuric acid, algaecide, and calcium chloride. All use of these chemicals are included in your monthly charge of full pool service.

Additional Services Provided