Filter Washing Maintenance

We clean filters on an as needed basis. This usually works out to around once per month. Your pool filter is an essential part of the pool system and helps filter out contaminants and small particles that can't be caught through the skimmer or pump basket.

This includes dirt, sand, and even small pollen seeds from oak trees. The debris eventually fills up a pools filter and needs to be washed out to ensure proper circulation of your pools water.

Unlike other companies the cost of cleaning your pool filter isn't additional. It is included with your monthly full service maintenance plan and when needed will be done during one of our weekly visits.

We clean all types of filters: sand filters, cartridge filters, and D.E. filters. The cleaning process for each type of filter varies.

We monitor pressure levels on a filter to prevent leaks and determine proper maintenance time.

From time to time your cartridge filter will need to be replaced due to deterioration of the cartridge bands and weakening of the fins. When this happens we'll let you know the cost of the filter and have a brand new filter ready to install on our next visit.

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