Adjusting Pool Water Circulation

Pool water circulation is essential for maintaining a clean and proper pool. The circulation in your pool helps move any dirt and debris toward the lower drains and upper skimmer. The dirt and debris move from the drain and are trapped in your pools filter.

The skimmer traps debris in a skimmer basket and anything missed by the skimmer is collected in the pump basket.

With every visit we empty your pools skimmer basket to ensure the pool can continue to move and keep your water's surface clean. We also brush dirt and sand toward the main drains to help the pool function and work as it was designed to.

From time to time we also will adjust eyeball fittings around the pool to help various jets continue to move water throughout the pool. Sometimes these fittings can break, so we try to carry some additional fittings with us with each visit.

It's important to keep your pools water circulation moving to help keep the pool water clean and also to help move water through the filter of the pool. This way small dirt and debris can collect in your filter and not on your pools floor and walls.

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